The Partnership

The Cascadia Innovation Corridor (CIC) links Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, and Portland with the opportunity to provide leadership, innovative problem solving and increased prosperity beyond what each city can achieve independently.  The region shares similar economic origins, a common landscape, diverse populations, and entrepreneurial spirit and a common border.

Today, the Cascadia Region is known for world-renowned research, emerging technologies, a highly educated workforce, innovation and creativity. By partnering together, we can create opportunities for success and solutions to our challenges for the millions who live in the Cascadia Region.

Who We Are

The Steering Committee is comprised of two co-CEOs representing Challenge Seattle and the Business Council of British Columbia and co-chairs representing both sides of the border for the seven program committees. The responsibility of the Steering Committee is to lead and advise on all matters related to CIC Activities.

Our Vision

Cascadia Innovation Corridor (CIC) Steering Committee: By 2021, we will position Cascadia as a global innovation hub in:

  • Life Sciences;
  • Transformative Technologies; and,
  • Sustainable Agriculture.

We will develop world-class infrastructure that supports a cross-border economy through:

  • Transportation, Housing and Connectivity;
  • Best and Diverse Talent;
  • Higher Education Research Excellence; and,
  • Efficient People/Goods Movement Across Border.